Party Plane!

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Last Monday, on my way back into town, there were FOUR friends of mine on my return flight. FOUR!! That can only mean one thing: PARTY PLANE!!!!

Who was MOST excited about the party plane? Me and Tabitha! TABITHA! I rarely get to see her, and when I do, I am always over the moon. We laugh and cut up and have a great time, and this was no exception. We also did some serious talkin'-about-life on the party plane. It was the best.  Still not convinced that it was amazing? LET THE PHOTOS DO THE TALKIN'!

Party Plane

Here we are in the airport/ time-warp tunnel. WE ARE READY TO PARTY! 

The second best part about the PARTY PLANE? FREE DRINK COUPONS! 
Erica and Tabitha, are you excited about free drink coupons?

Party Plane

Ok, so this photo made us laugh for about an hour every time we looked at it. In fact, I am giggling to myself outloud right now. I love it so much.

It was also really awesome when our FREE DRINKS arrived! 2 Wild Turkeys on ice, please!

Party Plane

Party Plane


(Years ago, we took a photo at Tabitha's bday party at Medieval Times, and we all look like it is the *best moment of our lives*. I used to think that it was just cause we were at Medieval Times, but after this photo, I started to think that I look like that any time I pose for a photo with Tabitha.)

We did lots of talking in the dark, and the flight flew by. Suddenly, we were back in Chicago. I tried to take a photo after we landed:

Party Plane Dark.jpg

It didn't work. So I turned on the light and tried again.

Party Plane

It was too bright!

Then, once back in the 'port, we sadly had to go our separate ways. We had to get one more photo to wrap up the journey.

Party Plane

Those tired little turtles had to get back to their homes. 


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I LOVE these photos. LOVE. I had such a fun time with you. I always do.