Today is my 34th birthday. It’s been an awesome day, and it’s been a nice reminder of all the love and support I have in my life. I feel so blessed.

I’m most speechless, though, by the blog post today from my best friend Rebecca Hanson Ryder. It made me laugh and cry, and man—it’s just the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. (It’s also a neat tour of my million hairstyles.) What an honor. Read it here, if you like.

Thank you, Rebecca! Here’s to many many more years together!


I never forget your birthday! I may forget to tell you some years, but I never forget it!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Erica!....Happy Birthday to you!

Thank you for being one of the best friends I've ever had. You are an awesome friend and I love you! Hope you had a spectacular day!

Happy happy birthday my dear old friend! Hope it's the BEST ever!

Love the blog post! How sweet. :) Happy happy birthday, fellow Aries girl!!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! That blog by Rebecca is the sweetest thing ever. You totally deserve such a wonderful friend.

Holy crap. . . . That bitch just made me cry. . .

Yeah, so sweet.
You are all so amazing! Thank you thank you!