...I have to get a normal day job again, I will appreciate the time I had working freelance, making art, sorting through boxes, and getting things together.

...our sweet little cat Latte passes away, I will appreciate all the times she annoyed me by walking across my laptop and by making our dining room constantly smell like cat pee. I will miss being with her.

...the cold snap breaks and the sun warms our skin again, I will love it more than if it had never been cold this winter.

...I finish cleaning and purging all the crap in the house, even if it just means I put things in a box on a shelf, I will feel a huge sense of accomplishment. No matter how long it takes.

...I am old, I will smile and cry as I read all the sweet and wonderful and funny cards and letters I have received from friends and family over the years.

...I cross the finish line at the Shamrock Shuffle in April and the Soldier Field 10 in May, I will release the times I beat myself up for not going for a run. I will marvel at myself for being active, no matter how hard it is.

...I see my brother in June, it will be a grander reunion than ever before, as it will have been a year and a half since we last were in the same place, by far the longest we've been apart in our lives.

...I see my husband after work today, all of my stress will melt away, and it will be as if he and I are the only people that exist in the world.

...things change in life, we have to mourn the loss of the old, accept the new, and keep moving forward. We will walk towards adventure, love, fun and new opportunities.


You are awesome.

Love this and you. I'm going to make a list like this today too.