Typical Day


So, in my self-employed-no-day-job life right now, I am still staying super busy. Here's a list of some things that I have going on.

*Producing a TV show
*Producing a one-off Live show & getting an audience for it
*Coordinating auditions for casting TV show
*Planning a baby shower for a friend
*Officiating a wedding in May
*Choreographing a wedding dance for a different wedding
*Choreographing/directing/editing a music dance video
*Directing a show for Chicago Improv Festival
*Promoting Drunk Monkeys
*Producing/Managing a book a friend of mine is writing
*Training for a 10 mile run (training officially starts in 1 week)
*Prepping & Research for a musical I am choreographing later this year
*Working part time for I Want to Draw a Cat for You

And then all the regular life stuff--chores, hosting houseguests, working on important legal things and future planning. You know. So there's that.



Caught up on ericareid.com and it was a joy. Got back from the honeymoon yesterday and had to remember that you glorious people weren't here in Co anymore. Sad. But having you here was such a joy, I think I'll keep reveling in that :) LOVE - and HB to Fuzzy!

Yay! Thanks, Kate! Congrats again!