Feeling Spring

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The weather is playing with my head and my emotions these days. It's warmer--high 30s and mid 40s and this weekend will be in the 50s. I am feeling Springtime and longing for it. I feel that excitement of warmth and mobility and that crisp smell in the air. I am inspired by warm climate songs and videos right now. We have a lot of travel on the horizon (in the next month and a half: Denver, NYC, New Orleans) and I am ready for it.  All I want to do is drive around in cars with the top and windows down while wearing a tank top and a flowy skirt. I want the freedom and carefree feeling of Spring and Summer.

And I know that we still have months of winter.

But for some reason, I have a feeling that all of 2013 will be Springtime. A rebirth. A happiness. A freedom.

1 Comment

On The Talk the other day, a guest had on the kind of dress you want. It was short sleeves, with a low neckline (not too low) and had a full skirt. She swirled in it and it just was beautiful, all flowery. It probably costs several hundred dollars though!!! But I thought of you when I saw it.