A Photo Tour of our 2012 Awesome New Christmas Ornaments

So it's become some sort of an annual tradition/obsession with Fuzzy and I to find the best Christmas ornaments out there each year at the Christkindlmarket. Two people even requested photos of our new ornaments, even before we had them picked out. Since I am now salary-less, I tried to be reasonable and not purchase too much, but there were a few doozies that we had to bring home.

For reference, 2011 and 2010.

Here is me with this year's boot of wine!


Fuzzy enjoying a sandwich!

And now on to the Ornaments!

A Shiny Devil!!! He'll be right at home with our witch, gittery skull and glittery ghost.

Naked Santa front
Oh, look, Santa wants a kiss. Wait, what's he wearing?
Naked Santa back

And now, the best. Last year I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to let it get away....and I was good on my word. Introducing:
Money Shittee front


Money Shitter back

Oh man. And if you think I am being crass, here is last year's label:

Money Shitter

Welcome home, little guys!!