Wow, that's a lot of K's!

This weekend has been a super busy fun exhausting beautiful emotional one, to say the least. After some minor car set backs this week (suspension replaced, 2 new tires), we were able to concentrate on celebrating the wedding of Jen and Dave. I was lucky to be the officiant for the wedding, and the stage manager of sorts for the day. Fuzzy was in charge of all the audio and video for the wedding. We had a lovely rehearsal dinner Friday night, followed by some late night drinking at my favorite bar Watershed. We got home about 1:30am, and then at 10:30 am the next morning we were at the Dank Haus to prep for the wedding. I'll post another post about the wedding at some point (let's just say it was amazing, magical, beautiful and romantic and I cried a lot), we got home from the day's events at about 11:30pm last night. And this morning at 8am, we were signed up for the Chicago 10K.

I was unsure. I was so tired this morning, everything from the neck down on my body was hurting. Even as we walked to the start line, I said to Fuzzy "I don't know about this." But yet, I started running. And it felt good. And I ran the whole way. All 6.2 miles of it!

I RAN 6.2 MILES, Y'ALL! That is a first for me!
(The next closest was when Claire and I ran/ walked to the Green City market 2 years ago. Though today I didn't get pie afterwards.)

I am so proud of myself. I finished in about 1:18:58, with a pace time of 12:45. Fuzzy finished in 1:01:47 with about a 10 minute mile pace. He's amazing!  We even got a finishers medal!

Here are some photos of an exhausted and sweaty Team Gerdes:

Erica and Fuzzy, Chicago 10K finishers Fuzzy, Chicago 10K finisher Erica, Chicago 10K finisher

Now, I just need to bike a TON of miles between now and the Triathlon on the 26th!


Congrats Erica! You're a super badass!

Thanks, Ryan! YOU are a super badass!