Little Piggies Went to Market


At the Beachathon on June 26th, Claire and I decided that one day this summer we were going to run to the Green City Market, Chicago's biggest and best farmer's market. I've heard amazing things about it year after year (there was a Top Chef Green City Market challenge, local Chicago chefs shop here, etc) but had never been. So we put a day in our calendar, August 21st, and locked it in.

I am getting stronger each run I do, but I am still not the best. This was going to be my longest run to date.

I woke up at 6:30am Saturday morning and walked the mile to Claire's house as a warm-up. It was breezy, overcast and rainy, but nothing was going to stop us. We took off running up Marine Drive and had lots to talk about. We kept at a good pace so that we could talk the whole time, which was awesome, cause before I knew it, we had run a mile. It seemed easy and fun and the company was awesome. Claire is a super runner who recently completed the Soldier Field 10 miler, and was so supportive the whole time. She kept saying things like "We're at Wilson! Now Irving Park!" which was great to hear, and she pushed me further than I would have pushed myself. I got tired at about Addison, so we walked til Belmont, ran til Diversey, walked to Fullerton, then ran the rest of the way. When we saw the tents in the distance, it was such an exciting feeling! I couldn't believe we had done it.

From my house to the market, it is 6 miles! WOOOOO! I am getting closer to running that 10K!

The market was amazing. So many good vendors, so much good food! Everything was so colorful and fresh--I could have shopped there for hours. We ate a giant piece of quiche, a blueberry/raspberry/mint smoothie, and a slab of grilled cheese with maple sauce on a stick. YUM! I bought peaches, raspberries, cheddar cheese with mushrooms, basil dill marinated mushrooms, and a mini pie (from our fave pie company, Hoosier Mama.)

I want to go again so we can get even more.

It was an amazing run and I am so proud of myself for doing it. Fuzzy reminded me later in the day that at the Bastille Day 5K, I was nervous about biking 5 miles down to Fullerton for the race, and yesterday I RAN there and then some! Wow, what an improvement!

Claire was an awesome running buddy, too. I look forward to more runs together this fall.



that was so much fun. you were a great running buddy too. Can't wait to do it again. I think the idea of setting a fun place to run to and hitting it is great, plus going one-way is so much less of a drag. xo

I have this funny picture in my head of you running back home carrying a pie outstretched in you hands with a euphoric look on your face as the sweet pie smell wafts your way. Or, did you take the bus?

Yay Erica and Claire! You guys are awesome and Erica you are amazing! What a great thing to think about where you started and how far you've come. It's so annoying realizing the joys of exercise isn't it? Yay!

Hi there Erica! Glad you were able to visit GCM for the first time - I hope you can come again soon. Make sure next time you grab a crepe from our crepe stand that benefits the education initiatives of the Market!