Life! (How Bout It?)



Where the hell have I been? What the hell have I been doing? Those are great questions. The good news is that I've been traveling a lot (pics and stories to come soon), training for these athletic events (more in a minute), and been having lots of fun. Also, here's something awesome--the person I feel the most in tuned with right now (aside from Fuzzy) is my brother, who is in Africa! We've totally found the talking/catch up sweetspot, as his post-work time coincides perfectly with my lunch break. It's so great that I can still be so close with him. It's been the best treat, and it's totally helped keep me going through all the insanity.

So, what's new? Well, for starters, Fuzzy and I have signed up for 2 more triathlons this summer. THE HELL, YOU SAY! I agree. But I am excited about it! Both are sprints, and one is in June and one in July, so they will be practice runs for the big guy in August. I'm doing great on my training so far this year--my knee is holding up great! I am running about 3 times a week (getting up at 5:30am--WHO EVER THOUGHT I COULD DO THAT? Not me, that's for sure) and I've started biking again. My first couple times back on the bike were terrifying for me--I kept having these flashes of falling--total PTSD. It was bad. But I am happily past that now, and yesterday I biked to work! WOO! After a 3 mile run, too! The weather was gorgeous, and I took it really slowly, but that only added 10 minutes to my commute time. Not bad! Of course, as I passed my crash site, I gave it the respect it deserves. And now, I am no longer afraid! FEAR FACED YET AGAIN! I think my training is right on track, too--just gotta get in some cold-ass lake swims.

This Sunday we are doing Bike the Drive! Woo! First time for me, but it will be good to see if I can do a longer distance like that. I need to make sure I can bike 2.5 hours.

What else? Things are trucking along for the DRUNK MONKEYS LIVE SHOW on June 6th! Please come, won't you? It'll be quite fun! I am so excited. As always, our podcast is available for download on iTunes, or you can subscribe to the blog at!

Things are gearing up again for Season 7 (!!!) of Impress These Apes! This season will be bigger and better than ever. I'm tired already.

I'm also doing a little choreography again! KKC is reprising an old dance from a few years ago, so this week, I was back in rehearsals with them! And another dancer and I are bringing another oldie back to the stage, so I have some rehearsals with her in my future. It's been good to be back, though I forgot how exhausting teaching is to your body and voice. Fun times.

Oh, I'm also working part time for I Want to Draw a Cat for You. It's amazing and fun. That Steve. He's a marvel.

Did I mention I am performing 2 wedding ceremonies this summer?

So that's why I haven't been blogging so much lately. It's not cause I don't love you. Cause I do love you.

Speaking of biking to work, does anyone else think this is funny and weird? Look closely...



Yeah, family love! Oh, and all that other cool stuff you're doing too.

Thanks! It is great talking to you, too. Love ya.

Gah I don't see it! In the bike poster! What is it??

'"Take CTA to the Bike to Work Rally!"