Race to Wrigley

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After a break due to injury, Melissa has started running again, and has been training for a 5K. She signed up for one in her hometown, but then got sick the night before and had to skip it. So when it was determined she was coming into town, I looked to see if any 5Ks were happening that weekend, and of course, there was!

Race to Wrigley 5K 2012
It was a good one, too--the 7th annual Race to Wrigley. I love that it was a very Chicago themed run--the run started and ended at Wrigley Field, and the shirt in itself became a souvenir. I've run a lot of 5Ks now, and on a lot of paths, you just run til you see the mile markers. Since I am VERY familiar with Wrigleyville, when I looked at the route map, it just seemed daunting. I know how far Addison to Ravenswood to Irving Park and down Clark is (and with a couple extra loop-de-loops, it's 3.1 miles.) As it turns out, though, it made the race easier to me, as I would be like "Oh, I can run to Irving Park" and "Oh, Wrigley Field is just a few blocks down there." It helped!
Race to Wrigley 5K 2012
Melissa was hardqore. It was her first official timed 5K, and that girl was FAST! She ended up pushing ME in the run, and a lot of the times, it was hard to keep up. She'd be like "Let's beat that lady with the double stroller!" and I'd be like "My knee can't go any faster!" but ultimately, I liked being pushed! We finished in 34:23, keeping an 11:06 minute mile pace. Not too bad! That's over 4 minutes faster than my race last week! Woo! Other Results: I was 259 out of 388 in my age/sex group and 2704 out of 3527 runners.

Fuzzy and Shaun are training for the Soldier Field 10, so when they finished the race, they just kept on running and ran on home! Amazing! Before the race, we found their brick, which had been moved into a new section. Shaun, Fuzzy, and their Brick Shaun and Fuzzy's Brick So cool!

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Way to go, Erica! It sounds like y'all had fun too!