Bunny Rock 5K!

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Bunny Rock 5K
Me and Fuzzy, rocking the look.

Yesterday morning, Fuzzy, Claire, Steve, Shannon and I ran the Bunny Rock 5K. They gave us bunny ears and sun glasses, so you know we rocked that look on the train, the bus, and the streets. We got some honks and waves. Everyone loves a bunny!
Bunny Rock 5K
Claire and I are serving Easter Bunny realness. Plus, we are glowing in the bask of our pre-birthdays. (I'm 3 days older than her.)

My goal was to run it the whole way, and in less than 40 minutes.  Claire and I ran together, and we finished in 38:42. Mission Accomplished! My training runs with Andrea are working! It never really felt hard, and I had a great time. Steve, Fuzzy and Shannon ran on ahead of us, but Shannon would drop back every now and again to run with us before taking off again. It was so fun! I am sad I didn't get a photo of Shannon in her get-up.
Bunny Rock 5K
The cutest bunny there.

 Bunny Rock 5K

Next week: The Race to Wrigley!!

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yeah!!! That was so much fun. I'm glad we could do it together. Remind me and I'll sign up for the Terp run too.