A Conversation Between Me and Fuzzy, Saturday, March 31

Me: Do you ever wish that you were a tortured creative genius?
Fuzzy: Sometimes...but I also think there's something for being a relatively creative functional member of society.


Me: Do you ever wish you had a barn in a field that was an artists collective/ commune where our friends can come create art and music?
Fuzzy: Oh, all the time.

So that's my new daydream. We get a farmhouse, have a communal area where people can relax, create art, paint, make music, etc, and I can cook for them and have lots of cats. SWOON!


I've often thought that happiness, especially the domestic kind, is not very conducive to creativity, so if you're in a happy marriage and even just slightly creative, you're better off than most.

Sounds like mini-burningman to me. Let's do it.

This has been my lotto dream for like a hundred years.