Holy Holi!

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Our friends Ryan and Sylvia introduced us the other day to Holi, a Hindu Spring festival of colors.  At this celebration, scented, colorful powders are thrown on each other--how could we skip something like that? The event was a Bhangrateque (that link has sound)--a night club featuring techno Bhangra music (which is awesome.). The event was at Tantrik, and we were in and out before the party really got jumping.  Cause I mean, I have no business being at a nightclub. I'm blogging this at about 11pm and I am barely awake.  But it was neat to see that part of going out and seeing the awesome dancing that was taking place on the dance floor. And Sylvia made sure that we all got sufficiently colored. It was a lot of fun! Here are photos:
Sylvia and Erica Pre-Bhangratheque's Holi Party
Sylvia and I before.

 Fuzzy and Ryan Pre-Bhangratheque's Holi Party
Fuzzy and Ryan before. Fuzzy had a white hat! Ryan had Windows Phone!

Erica and Fuzzy Post-Bhangratheque's Holi Party Erica and Fuzzy Post-Bhangratheque's Holi Party photo(9) Erica and Fuzzy Post-Bhangratheque's Holi Party

Bhangrateque's Facebook Page has some great official shots of us as well!



My arm matches the colored powder!


DJ Krush at Bhangratheque's Holi Party

(this pic, and others above by Fuzzy, Ryan and Sylvia)

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That looks so much fun!