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Today's my dad's birthday. I'm surprised that for me, as time passes, it is getting harder and harder on these anniversaries. I've been a big grouch all week, and I've been weeping about everything. I have no doubt that it is due to the weight of the week and today's date.

I miss my dad a lot. I would really love to talk to him. And I would really love to hug him.

This might sound weird, but I like to think that my dad got a really great birthday present this year. Our old lovely wonderful cat Bobbie passed away this week. She's been living at my Memaw Reid/ Aunt Susan's house since we moved mom out of her house, and she's been enjoying being a yard cat for the last couple years. My dad was obsessed with cats, so this week, I know my sweet little Daddy is happy to see his "Gurgley Girl."

Today I am treating myself to a massage and some other spa treatments. I am going to eat some good food. I am going to honor my dad's life and the good man that he was. Treating myself nicely is my give to him and his memory.

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Great pictures. I wish I had my car to to go the cemetary, but alas, I don't. I will go tomorrow, I guess. My car should be ready around three thirty this afternoon. I sure do miss that man.