Win Some, Lose Some

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If we win some, how come we always focus on the lose some?

Things are trucking along in training-land, and I feel good about that. On Tuesday, I rode the bike (indoors) while watching a special on fashion in film, and I rode it for 30 minutes. Not bad--it is 10 more minutes than last time. Biking is really hard for me, and I am trying to get up to 2.5 hours, so I am slowly adding on time when I can. I'm looking forward to when I can start commuting to work on the bike again and going for long weekend rides with Andrea and Fuzzy. But I feel ok with where I am there. 

Yesterday, I went for a swim, and I swam 32 laps in about 40 minutes. That's .9 of a mile, so I am almost up to distance there. I keep getting sandwiched between this swim racer and an Iron Man, which is a little intimidating, as they whoosh past me all the time. But oh well, I did it, and it went well. I probably could have swum longer, but I had to go to a meeting. 

Today, the weather is a little warmer--mid 40s--so I decided to go for a run. My goal was to run for 30 minutes. Problem #1: My knees have been hurting all week--both of them. They've been cracking a lot and just hurting to walk. I haven't done my PT in a while, so I take responsibility for that. Problem #2: I didn't take my sunglasses. Problem #3: I decided to not take my iPod and just listen to nature. So I started my run, and the trail was really really muddy. I slipped here and there and my stride was askew. My knees started to throb--feeling like there was no cushion in there, only grinding. I was wearing my knee brace and everything. It hurt badly. Since I didn't have music to distract me, I kept thinking about the pain and how hard the run was, so I decided to stop. I looked at my watch. I had run a grand total of 3 minutes and 16 seconds. You read that correctly. A little over 3 minutes.

On the walk back to the office, I passed the paved park path near the parking lot, so I decided to buck up and run to the end of the path and back. Surely I could do that! So I took off, and the pain was bad again, so I stopped. I checked the watch. 1 minute and 15 seconds.  I was too embarrased to walk past the line of cars in the road waiting for a car wash (I know none of the drivers probably paid any attention to me or how long I was gone, but my ego was bruised) so I went in the back door to save face.

Back in the office, I decided that I was going to try a DVD workout--it's been a while since I've done that. So I chose my pilates DVD and put in the cardio pilates routine. Aaaand the warm up was all jumping. Front jumps, lunge jumps, high knees, etc. I attempted about 4 of the jump progressions and then my knees said "are you freaking kidding me?!" So I gave up on that, too.

After that, I did some simple floor exercises and some of my PT. Looks like I need to keep on that PT after all.

I'm disappointed, but I am ok. I love running and I'm so glad I am able to try it again. But I am also overtired today (twice this week I've gone to bed past midnight, and that just wears me out. I need a lot of sleep.) and I don't think I ate enough lunch. And I need to remember that I am a work in progress. I am not a robot that can just be fixed and be better overnight. Sadly.

My first 5K post accident is just around the corner (Feb 26th) so I am going to try to go on at least one more run before then. We'll see how it goes!

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I'm sorry our genetics messed up your knees!!!! You'll get there, slowly but surely. Just trying it means you WON some, not lose some.xoxo