Well, there's that

Last night, while looking through the newest issue of Vogue*, I saw an ad for this gorgeous Carolina Herrera green sparrow printed shirtdress.

Carolina herrera

Carolina herrera (clipped to polyvore.com)

Swoon!! And I am always looking for fun dresses to wear to either my annual work event in NYC, or at one of the weddings that I am attending or officiating this year. I knew that Carolina Herrera is a FASHION BRAND, and that I probably couldn't afford it, but I love the dress and thought that it might be worth the splurge. So I looked it up and found it at Neiman Marcus.

Yeah, it's $3,000.


So yeah....I'll admire it from afar, and use it for INSPIRATION.

*Note to Vogue from my feminist comedy brain: In that article about how amazing Kristen Wiig is, why did you have to photograph Seth Myers with her? Isn't she amazing enough to stand on her own?


Have you checked out Rent the Runway?(http://www.renttherunway.com) It's a company that essentially lets you rent cute, fancy dresses for a huge fraction of the purchase price. Alas, they don't seem to have any Carolina Herrera, which is sad because that green sparrow dress is cute!

that is a very cute dress and totally looks like you.

Also, you are awesome on your physical stuff! And if you have an off day where you run for 3 minutes, that's A LOT of work and equal to a run of 30 if that's all you can do. Listen to yourself, that's part of the test right?

I'm so proud of you friend!

Not to get back on my pro-sewing bandwagon, but this dress doesnt look THAT difficult. It looks like a simple shirt dress with pockets. It is the material that really pops! (That and that belt- I'm drooling over the belt!) I did a search online and there are a TON of bird prints. There is nothing that inspires you to learn how to sew that having something you want to copy. Another option, is that you can HIRE someone to make this dress for you. It would probably run you around $150-$200... which is still pretty stiff, but MUCH better than $3000 knowwhatimsayingknowwhatimsaying.

Before reading through your entire post, I'm all "Oh, that's a cute dress. I could totally get away with wearing that here (in Tanzania)." Then, I read all the way through your post and am all, "Oh! Nevermind."