Presidents Day Cleaning

To celebrate Presidents Day today, I am cleaning out, purging, and organizing my closet. I am trying to purge myself of the things that don't fit, that I don't wear, and that don't suit me anymore. Some things are hard to let go of (why do we put so much emotion into material possessions?) but others I am ready to let go of, so that everything I own is something that makes me feel like a million bucks. I'm also going to reorganize my chest of drawers. Yeah!

Of course, right now, I am blogging, which means yeah.

Update: I completely reorganized my closet and 3 of my 4 drawers. Yeah! I got rid of an overflowing box of stuff. Now I just need to put away the 3 baskets of clothes, and I am good to go! I should have taken before photos of the closet, cause the after is glorious. And I reorganized my drawers so that now I have 2 dedicated to work out clothes. Not too shabby!