Things I am Loving These Days


You know how sometimes you find a product or make a purchase and you just love everything about it? Well, there are some things I am absolutely adoring right now, and I can't keep them to myself. I can't recommend them enough.  Here are 3:



The Contigo Extreme Mug . There are many things I love about this mug. The color, the grippy handle, the carabiner on the handle, the fact that it fits in my car cup holder. Yesterday, I made coffee at home at 8:30am before I left for work. I filled it up. I only drank about half of it, and let it sit with the mouth spout open all day. When I left the office at 5:00pm, I poured out the leftover coffee and IT WAS STILL WARM. Amazing. We got ours at Target, but it's also at Amazon.



The Aladdin Aqua-to-go Tumbler. Ok ok, another coffee thing. I got a 16 ounce one of these last summer or so, and I used it so much, I had to go get a second one so that I could alternate them and always have a clean one. 99% of the time, I would prefer and iced latte or iced americano over a hot one (the exception--when I make coffee at home. I make mostly hot at home). I LOVE THIS CUP. It is a durable plastic, and double walled, so it doesn't sweat all over your desk or car, and it keeps your drinks cold! [Sidenote: we've recently determined that I like my coffee and tea either super hot or super cold--I can't handle anything in between. Warm, no way. Water, on the other hand, I need to be room temp.] I recently went and bought a 20oz version of it, and I've used it a ton, too, and we picked up some colorful swirly fun straws to go with it (I can't find them online) and that makes my coffee even more fun. We got ours at Target, but it's also on Amazon.


old navy dress.jpg

This Sweater Maxi Dress from Old Navy.  I don't think it is available online anymore. When this dress was in all its glory, it was $46. When I saw it in clearance, it was $4. So I bought it. I figured, what the heck, if anything I could use it as a lounge dress around the house. But then, I put it on. And Oh. My. God. It is the most amazing dress ever. It is warm and toasty, it is super long (why am I just now discovering maxi dresses?), and it is soft and body hugging and glorious. And now I can't stop wearing it. And I always get complements! I love it so much, I sent Fuzzy down to get me a second one. So I have 2 of the exact same dress, and I probably wear each of them at least once (or twice) a week (this is something you can get away with, not having in-person colleagues). I am wearing it RIGHT NOW. And it was only FOUR FRICKING DOLLARS. Purrrrr..... I am going to be sad when they start to get threadbare and full of holes.

It's the little things in life that make you happy.



I need tumber #2 for my breakfast smoothies! Crucial: Is it dishwasher safe? I am going through my kitchen and throwing away anything that is not, because it just sits on the counter waiting for a week to be handwashed.