Holidays in the South!


The trip home for Christmas this year was really lovely. I was great being in the South--I feel like I really reconnected with my roots. It was bittersweet, of course, because of ailing old memaws and lots of goodbyes, but we had some great time together as a family, and ate lots of great food.

Christopher's Birthday at El Sombrero 
On December 22nd, we celebrated Christopher's 35th birthday! (photo by Katie Reid)

Christopher's Birthday at El Sombrero 
He will never turn down an opportunity to wear a sombrero, that's for sure.

 Erica and Tricia
Me and Mama!

The next day, we had dinner with friends at Rusty's! Here is Jill and Philip, Christopher and Ian! Mom and I split a mondo seafood platter, and of course we had fried pickles. Heaven. Eating out with friends & family
(photo by Katie Reid)

Later that night, we went to the Biscuit Company with some family and old friends to see my uncle Carl's band, The Chill. The Chill at the Biscuit Co
Carl and Lee H. rock it out.
Watching the Chill at the Biscuit Company
A bunch of friends! (photo by Chris Reid)
Watching the Chill at the Biscuit Company
Here we are with Carl! Doesn't he look a lot like Dad? (photo by Chris Reid)
Alex and Erica
Alex came out!
Alex, Erica, and Jamie
Look out for Jamie!

Unless noted, all photos by Fuzzy Gerdes. More to come later!


Great pictures, except for that blob that is in there!! Although I do see why everyone thinks Linda and I look alike. And yes, Carl does look like David. Ah genetics!

Yay! Love the pictures! We had so much fun seeing y'all!