Doing Ok

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My rash is fading--it's still there, but you can't see it as much.
My wound is healing--I can use a much smaller bandage now.
My knee--well, now that my foot isn't hurting, my knee is, so time to take care of it again. I start my physical therapy on Wednesday.
Latte goes to the vet to get her claw removed on Thursday.

I am feeling some weight lifting off my shoulders. I am making some changes in my life that I feel really good about and might have a new focus coming soon...

I've also been putting all this unnecessary pressure on myself to do all this scanning of these newspaper clippings. But it hit me last night--really I am doing it so I can share it with my family, but there is no rush. I can pack it away and get it out again when I am able to scan. Right now it is just all over our living room floor. But there is no timeline. I still want to scan some cute photos, cause I want to blog about them, but the priority isn't getting all my high school newspaper things scanned. Really, who cares? What a relief!

Last night after rehearsal, Fuzzy and I hung out on the couch listening to music and talking. We had both cats with us and we talked about things that stressed us out, we made each other laugh, and we listened to sweet music that made me cry. I had been a grump at my rehearsal, but when I went home I was overwhelmed with joy and the fact that I really have the best life. No matter what happens or what paths our lives take, Fuzzy and I have each other and we will be ok. It was a great feeling.

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I am glad you are feeling better. Your knee therapy will go great and Latte will feel much better with her claw removed.xoxo