Who Knee'ds It?

Oy, this knee is causing me grief!
The doctor I went to today was super great--I loved her. She's an internal medicine doc with a focus on accidents and injuries and now I want to go to her for everything.

Upon seeing my knee, she instantly commented on the bruising and bursitis, which instantly of course made me think I needed to get an airhorn. (Am I right, Hanson?) She mashed all around my knee, which was good cause it proved there is no joint pain, but was bad for the soft tissues around there cause they were really tender. She had me lie on my back with my knee bent and she sat on my foot and pulled at my shins. She said that normal knees don't move around when you do that, and that mine were all over the place and the lower half of my leg pulled away some, so things aren't really strongly connected. This is somewhat sort of normal for me, though, as my kneecaps aren't in the place they are supposed to be and I am used to popping my knees in sort of a weird side way. Plus, I don't know if my left knee ever recovered from my dislocation when I was 17...

Basically, long story short: I am getting an MRI on Friday and we will know more about it then. She thinks that I might have damaged some ligaments or my meniscus and some old scar tissue from my previous injury that will need to be dealt with. She described my knee as "not happy" and when I am older it will be "not awesome." I told her it's not awesome now already! She told me to stay taking my mack daddy ibuprofen (I had stopped), and keep icing and elevating it. No running until at least Saturday (I am still having issues walking, so...ok) and that it is ok for me to do the triathlon in a few weeks (YAY!) but to not try for a speedy time (I wasn't anyway.) It's good to have more advice on how to heal it, though nothing is diagnosed yet. I still can't walk up a small step on my left leg, so I still have a lot of recovery in my future.

Interestingly, Fuzzy linked today to my write up of last year's Muddy Buddy, and in it I talk about how much my knees hurt. I did a quick search on my blog, and without looking too deeply or long, found at least 4 other blog posts where I mentioned knee pain. When I was in college and went to the sports medicine doctor, they asked me to circle on an outline of a pair of knees where my pain was, and I circled the whole drawing. I remember getting my knee braces in college and being able to walk up stairs without pain and how magical that was. I am 32 now, stronger than ever, but still dealing with these knees....

Maybe this injury was a good thing. Get them looked at before anything WORSE happens.  But for now...eye on the prize. Gotta remember to rest. Gotta keep swimming at least, cause I gotta get ready for August 28th!