A Day.


What a day. Time for my whoa is me, I'm stressed out, wah wah pity party. It's my blog, right?

*Our car is done. It started moaning a few days ago, so we checked the power steering fluid and it was really low. While under the hood, I noticed that the coolant level was low, and I just refilled it a few weeks ago. So I took it in this morning, and here's the damage: Power steering leak, coolant tank crack, the rear brakes don't work at all, left rear bearing is gone, the belts are all crappy, and the right front brake hose is broken--all fixable for about $2,000. After the $1,000 we just paid for fixing the brakes and the $2,500 earlier this year from when the clutch broke. So no way am I repairing it, when in another month, something else will be broken. So now we will be carless and public transity until we can maybe buy my brother's car. Better get back on that bike soon...

*My iPhone is almost out of space. Gotta delete some shit.

*My Gmail is almost out of space. Gotta delete some emails, but I don't want to mass delete them, cause I want to keep ones from dad. One of which I read this morning, and it tore me up.

*I went to the dentist today. I have an awesome dentist and I floss obsessively....annnnnd, I have a cavity.

*The knee is a lot better, but it still hurts a lot. No MRI results yet.

*Too much to do. Not enough money/time/energy to do it.

So, nothing too terribly is wrong, its just the sum of the parts. All in all, it was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun. But today I am just...struggling.


Hi. Cut yourself some slack. the car thing is a major pain in the ass shitstorm.

How about for Gmail you just massively backup to a harddrive and then delete everything so you don't have to worry about picking through them? I'm sure Fuzzy knows better than I do when it comes to that stuff.

I hope things turn around for ya.