Always Learning


What a big year this is! This is by far the most epic summer I have had in a long time.  It is super busy, but also super amazing, and I am loving every second of it. I am mega tired today, so here are some random thoughts I have in my head:

* I am still doing great with my non-stress, calm zen mode I am in these days. My life is amazing. I am so happy. I can handle anything stressful. There's no room for anxiety in my life. It feels good.
* Apes took it out of me last night. It sort of made my brain shut down. But it was great--such a fun challenge. I am loving being on the show.
* Have I said this here? Apes closes the day after the Triathlon. MEGA IMPORTANT WEEKEND. Come August 30th, I am both going to be filled with glee and not know what to do with myself.
* With this triahlon training, I need to eat more than I am used to. Gotta force the calories.
* At the same time, I have to remember that if I try to eat a lot when I get really hungry, I get kinda sick feeling. Need to go more for small frequent snacking.
* I cannot for the life of me get enough sleep. I got a hard 8 hours the other day, and it wasn't enough. I need to sleep. All the time.
* Even when you don't feel like biking, swimming or running, it is good to do it anyways. The days you don't want to are almost always the days you surprise yourself with how awesome you are.
* I unpacked 10 (TEN!) boxes last week! Amazing! This is really huge for me--I've been avoiding this for over a year. I pulled out a bunch of photos and things I want to scan and share, so once that begins, expect some super cool and fun blog posts. Photos are in boxes, and I am going to start some light scrapbooking for the newspaper clippings. I threw away a bunch of stuff the other day, including all my certificates of achievement (you achieved it!) from 0-12 grade, cause really--those things mattered a lot then, but are really just pieces of paper with words on them now. Not important. 
* I'm excited about this weekend--Friday is Fuzzy's and my 5 year wedding anniversary (yay!) and this Sunday is the Muddy Buddy!
* It bugs me when bands have a live version of a song and they have the audience sing the words. It's cool for them, and fun for the people that are there, but I don't want to hear thousands of people singing--I don't get anything out of that. I want to hear the singer sing it.
* In the "Whoa" files, Nirvana's Nevermind is celebrating its 20th anniversary this September. But that just keeps fueling my mega 90s kick I am on right now. I can't get enough Soundgarden ever, I've been listening to the 90s grunge station on Sirius non-stop, Beavis and Butthead is coming back, etc. It's been really fun getting excited about these things again and feeling like a teenager. I am loving every second of it.


* What about this guy? Rebecca Hanson says he lives in a tree.
  Neville Knurd Phfunckhauser



Shut Up!!! There is no way Nirvana is having a 20 year anything. I refuse to be that old ; )

I remember the night your dad did that. He was so much fun.