Some Wishes That I Have Today


I wish...

...that Mom's physical ailments would be healed.
...that Mom's house would sell.
...that Christopher and Katie's house would sell.
...that we had no credit card debt.
...that every day could be as beautiful and warm as today.
...that Fuzzy and I could just travel and play and run and laugh.
...that my job job was somehow going to dance class, working out, hanging out with my friends.
...that all of my amazing friends could do what they want to do in their lives without worrying about failure or money or anything.
...that I could be a benefactor so that all my friends to do what they want in their lives.
...that Fuzzy's job could be the creative projects he wants to do.
...that no one would ever get cancer.
...that I could hang out with my Dad.
...that there was no stress ever.
...that we were in Hawaii right now.  


Can't wait for our big hang out.


I totally agree.

These all seem reasonable.