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I am so excited I can't even handle it! They have a big weekend of burlesque ahead of them, and I can't wait to spend the next few days relaxing and laughing with my favorite people on the planet. I am going to enjoy every second of it, too, since I won't be able to see them a lot once they leave the continent. (!!!)

I am in a great mood today. It is a holiday weekend, and the sun is shining! Finally! This week has almost done me in. For you Southern readers, it has been IN THE FORTIES this week (may I remind you that it is LATE MAY?) and it's been awful. Seriously, I turned into a big bitch the other night, only because I was too cold outside. Everyone I know, too, has been on edge and about to snap. It is supposed to be in the 90s this weekend and 70s-80s and sunny all next week, and if it isn't, I think we are going to see some serious crime sprees in Chicago from everyone going mad.

Man, I love coffee.

I faced my fear of my new bicycle this week. My old bike is a big ole lady cruiser--real girly and big--and this new one is a mountain/road hybrid, a lot lighter and with a million more gears. I took it out for an 8ish mile ride on Tuesday and it was AWESOME. So easy to ride, so much more comfortable than the other bike (sorry, Roxie Hazel!)  Once it warms up, I can't wait to ride it to work and get even more comfortable on it. It was cold and windy on Tuesday, but I still did it!

Also this week in exciting fitness news, we put up my heavy bag! It is awesome. Half of our office at home is now my little boxing gym. It is great! It is loud when hitting the bag (sorry neighbors) but it feels great! My arms were sore all day yesterday from the day before's workout. Now to get in the habit of doing it every day...

I think I had more to say, but I can't remember. I might not post again til next Thursday cause of BROTHER VISIT 2011! So have a great Memorial Day!

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Y'all have fun!!!