Friends, Weddings and Bridesmaids

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A lot of things on my mind right now.

I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends last night. That was really really hard. She and her family are moving to Ohio. I can't wait to go visit them. I will miss you, Reebs.

It made me dread having to say goodbye to Christopher and Katie when they head off to Africa.  Visiting them will be fun, too, but the immediacy of having them around I am really going to miss.

I've always been good about goodbyes--I know I will keep in touch with my loved ones and that whoever is moving is often times off to exciting adventures! But I've found that this year, seeing more and more loved ones go, it's only gotten harder.

On a happy note, tomorrow we will be celebrating the wedding of Kate and Dan! I am super excited for this wedding and union. Nothing makes me happier than a wedding. I love love. I've had a blast working with them on their ceremony and all the planning. It is going to be gorgeous.

And speaking of weddings--the future of women comedies is riding on the shoulders of Bridesmaids, which opens today. Go see it in the theatre! Pay for your tickets! Go this weekend if you can! Fuzzy and I are going to see it on Sunday--let me know if you want to join! Let's show those Hollywood executives that women are more funny and smart than men and can make money in the theatres.  The world needs more smart/ stupid lady comedies!

Have a great weekend!

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Bridesmaids got great reviews in Entertainment Weekly. I told Carolyn we NEED to see this movie!!