Every Chicagoan's Blog Posts this Week are Probably the Same


This weather! It's amazing! 70s and 80s!  I love it! For those of you who don't live in Chicago, it is really hard to explain the glories of a Chicago Spring and Summer. We know how to do spring and summer here. Since 9 months of the year is awful, the 3 amazing ones we have we do up good! A friend once said it was described to her as something like "Imagine someone punches you in the face every day for 9 months. Then one day, they stop and don't do it again for 3 months. Think about how awesome those days would be. That's a Chicago summer." Pretty accurate if you ask me.

I went for a run today in the heat in only shorts and a tank top (no long sleeves!) and it felt good to run and sweat. I ran probably 2.5 miles and walked another .5. My run was 31 minutes. It felt good to be running, of course, until I started getting big rib pains, and that's when I walked. Now I just need to get over my fear of my new bike and start biking to work.

Also, I am wearing a sundress today. A SUNDRESS. I think my natural state is in a sundress. Me in my purest form is in a sundress. Sundress.


Changes everything don't it?

And yay to you for doing Jackie Warner! That lady ain't messing around, she's tough!

/what does your new bike look like and what is her name? And what color is your sundress? I want flowers and yellow sundresses. I am enjoying my capris. I called them "pedal pushers" and Carolyn said that was showing my age, because that is what we called them when we were young.It's good that y'all have warm weather now. And I am proud of your training. And who is "Jackie Warner"?