To All My Southern Lovies

The high today is 22 degrees! Feels like 7! Yippee!
We had our first big snow here on Saturday--several inches. It is gorgeous.

Also, it is COLD.

Just wanted to share.

I am STILL sick--I've had a cold for a week now. No good. I am feeling ok, but my nose is awful, red and runny and my voice is heading out and I have 3 more rehearsals this week! What's a girl to do? Fuzzy thinks this is a good time to start integrating a cane into my choreography teaching. And a wig and a thick accent of some sort.

We put up our tree on Sunday and it is so pretty. I love Christmas. We went to church on Sunday and I just bawled singing "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel" (Warren Central High School Chamber Choir represent, represent-sent!) It was good to be back into church, and I am going to really start trying to go regularly. I need some Jesus up in here.

I've been crying a lot lately, but it's felt really good. You know? On the Dad anniversary last week, I was first pissed that I was sick and not able to honor Dad at 100%, but it turned out to be just what I needed. I slept in, and then looked at photos of Dad and the family while listening to George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" album over and over again, and sobbing. I needed to. You know, I don't want to ever take Dad or that day for granted, and it felt good to feel the sorrow and just miss him. There are photos of him all over my house, but I so often get to where I don't look at them--like really LOOK at them--that often, and I don't ever want to forget him, or his voice, or the fact that he called me Girly-Girl (which my sweet brother called me on Thursday). So it was nice to just sit and remember. Then later Hanson came over, which was nice that she braved both my cold and tender emotional state, and we watched Wings of Desire, one of Dad's favorite movies. When Fuzzy came home, he and I ordered pizza and watched (spoiler) my girl Ann win Top Model (hooray!) and we talked and I went to bed feeling really content.

Next week I head down to MS for a couple of days for Mom's disability hearing (prayers please!). It'll be good to have a break from the cold, then I head back up to Chi for some holiday fun. And lots of eggnog martinis.

Stay warm, everyone!


Just letting you know that I am sending many prayers up for your mom's hearing--those things can be very frustrating (the whole disability process is frustrating). Miss you much!

ps--don't you miss choir sometimes? I miss it mainly around Christmas. We had the best concerts!