Hawaii in Photos, Part 5

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Awesome Matching Couple
I regret that Fuzzy and I didn't think of doing this.

Ala Wai Canal
Ala Wai Canal, very near our Waikiki hotel.

Colors found in nature!

This show was at the International Market, and it was mesmerizing. So masculine and powerful.

More colors found in nature.

"Oh, I didn't see you there. I was just relaxing up against this large rock."

Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay--more snorkeling!

Snorkling at Hanauma Bay
Fish Butt!

This pic is hilarious. Hawaii makes you act in ways you wouldn't normally.

Hanauma Bay

Ok, so I lied. We did see a shark in Hawaii.

Hanauma Bay
So pretty.

Fuzzy at Hanauma Bay
The most gorgeous thing at the top of Hanauma Bay? Fuzzy.

Erica at Hanauma Bay
Gone with the Wind!

Crashing Waves

A shrine by the side of the road.

Erica scenicly points at a scenic point
"Scenic Point"

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I have been loving all of your photos!!! So glad you guys got to take this trip. I went snorkeling a long time ago in Florida--it was so much fun but def. not the same as I imagine it would be in Hawaii!