Project Runway Vent


Real quick, y'all. I hate Gretchen.
OOOH, last night was so infuriating!
I wanted to slap her!

UPDATED! After the Jump.

I know! Ugh. She really made herself look like an idiot, so she did it to herself. I cannot believe they let AJ go and not her, but yeah, I think that was the producers stepping in.. Ugh. I hope that she gets hers last week.

Poor Michael C. I wanted to give him a hug.

I love that Tim made everyone else feel bad, too, for letting themselves be bossed around.

And yes, Cassanova's pants. To die for.



Someone's got to take that girl out!! She gets worse every single week. The absolute arrogance is just plain horrible.

Gretchen is arrogant, bossy and a clueless b#&*h. A.J. should not have gone home. I wanted to see more of his fanciful designs. Tim Gunn is THE man! Forceful, yet always the gentleman. I think the only reason Gretchen is still around is because of the drama that surrounds her. (It's a casting thing) And then there's Casanova. Dear Casanova. The military inspired pants he designed were perfection! Love Project Runway.