Turns Out, I Was a Cool Kid!


Thinking back on my younger years, I always thought I was a giant dork. Let's be serious, I know I was a giant dork, but it looking at all these old photos, it looks like I was pretty cool! I had style, personality, I had it goin' on! Take a look:






(Lot's of special appearances in there by Sarah.)


Hello! Of course you were a cool kid! You had your own sense of style that I envied so much! Loving the picture of you and Sarah on the porch! Pure awesomeness!

Awww, thanks, Jill!

1. you were not a dork. look how totally self assured and fabulous you look in all these pics.
2. WHY ON EARTH did my mother let me wear those hideous glasses year after year after year? *sigh* if Elizabeth gets my eyesight, i will make sure she wears the cutest little stylish glasses possible. seriously, i am mortified.
3. how cute am i in that first picture? with my little striped outfit and cute hair and too big sweater. seriously. i am ADORABLE. and ps- do you like how i'm holding my BINATOR in that picture? yes, i was every orthodontists' dream come true.

You are both adorable! My question is who is the girl in between you two in the first picture?

I love the fact that y'all are all dressed up and Sarah is wearing a pink tutu and is holding a dumbbell! What on earth are y'all playing???!!

That's Johanna! She lived on the street behind me. I remember her now! I spent the night at her house for her birthday, and we went to Pizza Hut. Wow! That is a completely random memory. . .

Yes! Johanna!
Good memory!