Everybody Loves Stripes


From an old birthday party
From L to R: Alison, Rosemary, Allison, Michelle, Jill, Me, Melissa (behind me), Sarah


Awesome. Now, can somebody please explain to me why my t-shirt is about 12 sizes too big? Or was that just really cool back then?

I know! I noticed it, too. Look at it in this photo:

You can barely see your shorts!

I found a lot of Tshirts I wore in Jr High when we were cleaning out the house, and they were all XL. I was so tiny all my clothes were swallowing me up! But I remember in 9th grade or so, Mom gave me a really tight shirt and I was so insecure wearing it cause I thought it made me look slutty. Weird.

I clearly remember being 103 pounds in high school and ONLY wearing XL t-shirts. I thought it looked ultra awesome. Now I try and convince myself I can still squeeze my fat self into those M-size tshirts from college. um...no. and ps: i FOR SURE win the award for most horrid outfit in this picture. and ps again: is that allison graham in that picture? i don't really remember her being friends with us at that age.

Now that was just harsh

Hardy Har whoever you are!