I think this is hilarious

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I have a very special alarm clock. It is a rockin' chicken with a guitar that sings you a special wake-up song. I got it when I was a teenager and I have always loved it. Here is how it goes:

My brother hates this alarm clock.

Really hates it.

I used to call him on the phone and play the song into the receiver. And hide it in his room to scare him.
Once, he broke it (he insists that he didn't), but my electronically minded father just put a new switch in and fixed it right up.

I kind of (more than kind of) love the fact that Christopher hates it.

I found these photos last night:

What could it be?

I love it!

Christopher is overjoyed.

I must also say that apparently they are now really rare. Here is one on eBay for $100.

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If I didn't know any better, I would think that lil chicken is high as a kite.

I love it.