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Things are going really well right now, and it feels really good! What a relief to be happy and not completely stressed out.

Here are some happy things that are going on:

*Apes opened last night and it was awesome. Great crowd, great contestants, and the cast and hosts picked it up like no time had passed. It was great. The website is really great this year, too, with Fantasy Apes, ringtones and wallpaper, blogs, and more!

It was a relief to have less responsibility, too. Normally before shows I am a nervous wreck, but since the pressure is off me this season, I got to sit back and watch the show along with everyone else! It was awesome. Definitely a great choice.

*In perhaps the most exciting news in all of my life, Fuzzy and I have decided to take a 2 week vacation to Hawaii! I can't wait. It is really all I can think about. We are planning to go in September, a few weeks after Fuzzy's triathlon. Oh man, we've earned this.

*Boxing was great fun! It is a completely different way of moving and working out, but I sweated like a mofo, and it felt really good to hit the bags. I can't wait for this week's class.

*in a few weeks we will be doing the Chicago Beachathon, a 4 mile run with wacky obstacles.

*Fuzzy is continuing to amaze me with his training for the triathlon. Also, he was in the first of the Joe Janes 365 Sketch shows, and he was AWESOME. Man, I love that guy. If you don't know Fuzzy, you should. He is awesome

Life. It feels good to feel good!

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Hooray! So much good stuff that you so deserve!