The World's Cutest


When Christopher and I were in MS last month, we had a night where we went through all of our old toys and stuffed animals. It was tough--the feelings that they brought up were really strong and weird. Also, it was interesting the things that I felt I could get rid of (all my Barbies) and the things I had to keep (my Strawberry Shortcakes and My Little Ponies.) I ended up bringing home a good deal of my stuffed animals and I am so happy to have them.

When Christopher first brought out the bag, the first thing I said was, "I hope my buzzard is in there." And he was!

My Buzzard!
I freaking love this buzzard. Leave it to a young girl in MS to love a stuffed buzzard. This buzzard would always sing "I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee" to me. Thanks, Mom!

I honestly think that my buzzard is my most favorite stuffed animal ever.

Now, onto the World's Most Precious Garfield:
The World's Most Precious Garfield

Look at this guy! So little, so cute. I can't handle him. Too much cute. I also had an Arlene, but I didn't bring her home with me. I really like having this guy around.

That makes me think of one of Fuzzy's old stuffed animals that I recently discovered and can't get enough of--the World's Most Precious Snoopy.

The World's Most Precious Snoopy

SO SWEET! I love his little body. Of course, anytime I see Snoopy I think of when my cousin was a little boy and one day he wanted to show my Mom a Snoopy, and he kept saying "Noopy to her! Noopy to her!"

Love it. This has been your Thursday Morning Adorableness.


Oh my gosh! As soon as I saw the buzzard, I was singing the bumblebee song to myself! (There was a cartoon about that, wasn't there?) Speaking of bumblebees, do you remember when we used to stomp the bees on the playground? Yep, we were cool little kids!

I had a Snoopy growing up as well. He went through a number of sewing fixes to reattach his head, tail, etc, and wore lots of clothes to keep him in one piece. Unfortunately he finally was in too poor of shape to fix anymore, so he went to dog heaven.

I still have his replacement - Tiggy - a white (formerly) striped tiger who sits on my hope chest. Away from my children - as his tail has also been sown back on too many times to count!