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Yo Bitches.

So things are trucking along. Things are going well, I just have these days were my head gets all fuzzy and I get sad or angry or grumpy and don't know how to be normal or at least socially acceptable. I've been working out all my stress lately with exercise and it feels great. I've been walking a lot, doing lots of crunches, push ups and weight lifting at home and around. I hit a new milestone this week--Shannon and I went for a run the other day and I ran 2 miles without stopping to walk! That is huge. I can feel my endurance getting greater, I am getting stronger and I am seeing changes in my body. I am eating better (late night egg rolls last night aside) and feeling good. Tomorrow I start boxing, and I am so excited.

Watching Fuzzy and friends run the Soldier Field 10 last week made me decide that I am going to run it next year. New goal! 10 mile run!

Also, if you are a female reader in Chicago, I cannot stress to you how much you need to go to Dance Dance Party Party if you haven't. It is so much fun. I go on Sundays. Please join me!

So I've had a couple of social outings this week, and I always get so insecure before about how I am going to relate to people and what I am going to say, then afterwards I always feel insecure about how I acted or what I said. Then last night I had this revelation (after again being really socially awkward in pleasant company) that I am the weirdo! I am the weird one that people probably say "Oh, I don't want to see Erica, she is so weird" which sometimes I say about people but really it is all me! I am the one people probably don't know how to react around! Sheesh. But really, it all makes sense. I am amazed that I have as many friends as I do--how do y'all really like me? I blabber on about stupid shit when I am nervous, I rarely know what to say, and even in casual polite conversation, I have to take it to the awkward place by mentioning cancer or death or something else like that. I am kind of a broken record and I am a total spazz.

But really, that is a freeing thought, too. I am the weird one, so the pressure is off. I can just keep on being me and make everyone else deal with it, right?


Am I making you uncomfortable?


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I just realized how odd our conversation was regarding being down in social situations that we had at Sylvia's birthday gathering. If you're weird, I guess that makes me a weirdo too. Weirdies forever!