Arthritis Can Suck It

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Ugh! Arthritis! It can kiss my ass! Why does it have to hurt to bad, yo? I love the hot humid weather, I do really well in it and it feels a bit like home, but for some reason, my left wrist is taking the weather to mean causing me EXTREME CRIPPLING PAIN just for funsies. Oof! It hurts to move it. It hurts to not move it. It hurts to put any pressure on my fingers. Ugh. It was this painful the whole time I was in MS in May, too, so it must be the weather. I mean, I didn't even box on Saturday! Aw, jeez. Guess this means I don't have to worry about it in class cause it is GOING TO HURT ANYWAY and also I can never move back to Mississippi. Oh well.

I was reading online about non-drug ways to help with arthritis pain, and one way this one site suggested was to wrap it in red flannel before bed. Hmmm. Damn, all the flannel in my house is yellow.

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I've heard that eliminating dairy can mitigate arthritis pain for many people.