We did it!

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The 5K yesterday was awesome! I had a great time running and felt like a rockstar afterwards.

I neglected to say before that I was running under the name "Shannon Rose." Shannon said "let's run this 5K!" and signed up for it and immediately said "Oh no! I am going to be out of town!" So for the day I was Shannon.

Here are my results:
Place: 2640 out of 2929
Place in Division (F, Age 30-34): 371 out of 421
Place in Sex: 1360 out of 1587
Time: 38:48
Pace: 12:30

Yeah! I am proud of that!
Fuzzy ran with me the whole way, too, which I really appreciated.

Here are some fun photos:

Ravenswood Run 5k
Look who's sleepy!

Ravenswood Run 5k
We ran into Becky and Dori beforehand, and when we had this pic taken, Becky said "Look tough!"

Running Dork.JPG

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I had no idea you were going to run it with Fuzzy! You look awesome! You rock, somethin' fierce, man.