Bitch Fest!!!

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Here are some things that I find to be annoying.

1) Cold Weather. Seriously, it is almost May, can we please get out of the 40s?

2) Bad Espresso Drinks. If you own a coffee shop, TRY YOUR FREAKING COFFEE! Nothing bugs me more than trying to support a neighborhood coffee shop, only to have a mouthful of freaking nasty espresso and soy. DRINK YOUR OWN COFFEE, COFFEESHOP OWNER! HOW DO YOU THINK IT TASTES?! Bad espresso only makes me want to drink only starbucks cause I know I'll get a good latte, as much as I don't want to. Take this for example: Fuzzy and I have been drinking tons of Cafe Bustello at home (ie: GOOD espresso) so we decided to get some decaf espresso for nighttime coffee cravings. He picked up some Lavazza or something. IT WAS BAD ESPRESSO. Therefore, we stopped drinking it and got some decaf Cafe Bustello (ie: GOOD espresso). Also, if you have GOOD ESPRESSO (namely from my favorite coffee shop that I won't post the name of here cause I don't want to criticize anything they do), get GOOD SOY cause nothing ruins GOOD ESPRESSO more than BAD SOY. I'm not saying this morning's latte was bad, it just wasn't that great.

3) Those damn cameras that take photos of your car's licence tags when you take a turn on a yellow to red light. Let's just say, I hope that they were triggered the other day by a phantom car that was taking a last minute left instead of a PERFECTLY REASONABLE right turn on yellow before red. Remember when we all used to just be able to drive all the time without being photographed and fined for it?!

4) Technology. I know it is great and all and my iPhone made my life way easier, but I kind of just wish that we could all stop staring at tiny lit up screens for at least 5 minutes at a time. Let's all bury them in the yard for a day or something. Sometimes it is just TOO MUCH.

5) My Damn Sympathetic Nerves. Some of you might remember that a little over 8 years ago, I had major surgery that cured my Hyperhidrosis. Well, thems hands be sweating again, during any exercise. It is so WEIRD! These dogs have been bone dry forever, and now it is like sweatapalooza. I guess my severed nerves are growing back? Oh my God, y'all, while typing this, I am starting to feel that pre-sweat pressure I used to get before they start sweating. Hmmm. Maybe I should call my surgeon? Is this normal? Am I am MUTANT? I think I must be. I mean, if it all comes back, it was totally worth it, and I would do it again in a heartbeat it changed my life that much. But MAN! That wasn't part of the plan!

6) Zipper Pulls. I have this problem in that I keep breaking my zipper pulls that I put on my jacket. You know why? CAUSE I FREAKING USE THEM TO ZIP MY JACKET! Guh! If your whole product is going to be about tugging and wear and tear, why don't you REINFORCE your attachment ring?!

That was fun. It feels good to vent.

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You go girl - Let it all out!!!!! We are here for you. Love you