Some Things I've Been Reminded Of This Week

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1) God provides.
2) I enjoy leaving my house and going out from time to time.
3) Frosted Flakes are grrrrreat!
4) I'm ok, and don't need to be so dramatic.
5) Planning a vacation is exciting!
6) I have a lot of projects I need to follow-up on and finish.
7) I'm lookin like a fool with my pants on the ground.
8) I got this.
9) The taste of a green pear. We had a pear tree growing up, and it's been forever since I've had one. This pear I am eating right now is sending me back!
10) What warm weather feels like! My God, the sun is shining and it's 65 degrees! I am reborn!

1 Comment

Frosted Flakes are the greatest thing since .... flakes. Love them. LOVE them.