GDR Poetry

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For those of you who don't know, my dad was a very funny guy.
Also, for those of you who don't know, his cancer started in his rectum.
Furthermore, when Dad went in for radiation of his lower regions, he tried to make it fun and less awkward for the nurses, so he usually put notes/drew things on his butt to make them laugh. Needless to say, his doctors and nurses (and everyone else) loved him.

Usually he had treatment in Vicksburg, but there was a time that his treatment was in Jackson.

Here is a poem I found that he wrote when his Jackson radiation treatment was wrapping up (and don't you know he wanted to use 'kiss' in that last sentence?):

Parting Thoughts...
(to my friends at CMMC Radiation)

We're treating a cancer--this particular kind
Is located close to my "back door."
Your techs are zapping my behind
To kill the tumor ever more.

My two weeks here--a substitute
For where I usually get my blast;
You guys and gals have been a hoot,
The time has come and gone too fast.

I've come here daily and shown my ass-
That is to say, I've bared my cheeks.
This normally would not come to pass;
I am not known to give folks peeks.

But if that's what it takes to cure
My problem, then I have no shame.
I'll drop my pants and that's for sure.
It's funny, however this is no game.

I have for you the highest respect.
You've made me feel completely at ease.
Attitude's the key and I suspect
That I've improved each time we've teased.

I want you to know that if in town
We meet in passing or face-to-face
That though in here my pants were down,
I'll always offer a warm embrace.

I hope you'll get what I'm about to say
In my parting words and I'm going to try
To offend no one, but we've come to the day
When you guys must "bid" my ass goodbye.

--G. David Reid

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He really worked hard on this poem. My other favorite thing he did was put a strip of paper on his behind and wrote "sanitized for your protection" on it. I miss him every minute of every day. He was a hoot and could always make me laugh (unless we were arguing, then we had to get over our "mad" and THEN I would laugh).