Late Night Tacos at Midnight Doritos


At the store last night, Fuzzy and I saw this:



"Late Night Tacos at Midnight Doritos"

First of all, the name is redundant. Couldn't it just be "Late Night Tacos Doritos" or "Tacos at Midnight Doritos." No, it had to be "Late Night Tacos at Midnight Doritos." Just say it outloud. It is the only option.

Now, lets also set this straight--it isn't just "Taco Doritos." No, the late night taco at midnight is a very specific taco, the taco that comes after drinking way too much and deciding that you need to eat tacos before you make it home (I've been there, Lord, have I ever been there.) However, I think most people after a night of drinking will actually stop and get tacos at midnight. I think there is only one demographic that this Dorito is marketed for. Stoners.

I personally think that this is the funniest and most preposterous idea for a food item ever. Yet, every review I've read on the internet says they are amazing. There is only one way to find out. I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: We tried the Doritos in question last night. I was super excited and wanted to make a big ceremony out of it, but we anticlimactically just ate a couple of them. I was completely indifferent. I guess they do kind of taste like a taco, but I was wanting it to be a rich greasy taco sensation. Instead, it was like a mild taco flavored Dorito, like a Taco Bell flavored Dorito instead of an authentic taco Dorito. I ate about 5 of them and was done. They aren't terrible, but they aren't great. Fuzzy said he would eat them with a dip. But I rarely ever just kick back with a bag of Doritos, so now we have a whole big giant bag of them and zero appetite for them. Ah well.

Up next is the "Late Night Last Call Jalapeno Poppers Doritos." I think I might like those.


We too were fascinated by the Late Night Tacos at Midnight Doritos and have been known to partake of things that might label one or both of us as "stoners" but we thought they were nasty. I don't know who they appeal to, but yuck.

What is impressive is that they really do taste like late night tacos at midnight, they really do. There's some extra nasty something in there that makes it all very specific, yet apt.

Do they taste like midnight? Or tacos? I don't get the mix. Do they taste like cheap bodega tacos or like 7-11 tacitos?

Crescent, here is the weird thing. They taste like late night tacos at Taco Bell. It's really disconcerting. They don't taste like bodega tacos, or tacitos, they honestly taste like Taco Bell tacos.

Maybe they always do and it's not an after midnight thing, but that's always when I eat those tacos, so they bring up a kind of sense memory.

In my stand-up, I make a joke about Last Call Jalapeno Poppers. Which is to say the name and the idea of the name cracks me up.