Random Notes


1. We just watched Twilight, aaaaaaaand I loved it. Now I'm ready for some hot werewolf action.

2. My favorite part of this week's ANTM finale was when, during her Cover Girl photo shoot, Laura said she was thinking about 'little baby cats.' I think of them too, Laura, and I'm sorry you didn't win.

3. Regarding the Project Runway finale: really judges? I completely disagree.

4. I think I finally have the proper amount of sweaters to get through a Chicago winter. Thanks, Target gift cards and Chase Leisure Rewards!

5. I bought a new pair of jazz shoes today, for the first time in about 13 or so years--shoes that fit! that aren't from high school! I am happy about this. It reminded me of how exciting it always was to go to Fredericks to get fitted for pointe shoes, before I started ordering the fancy shoes online. Yeah, it's cheaper online, but there's nothing like trying on a pair, doing a releve' and saying, 'yeah, I'll take them.'

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


I don't want to know anything about your hot werewolf action. personally, i prefer it all sparkly and bitey.

and who would have you chosen? I think I would have gone with Carol Hanna. She was meticulous as shizit.