Fuck Cancer


Fuck Cancer Bracelets

A coworker and I were talking about how there needed to be some plastic wristbands that express how we really feel about cancer and how terrible it is. Not being one to just wish things would happen, Fuzzy and I set out to create them. We ordered them in a number of different colors and gave them out to friends and relatives whose lives have been affected by cancer as well. They've been very well received. (We have a few extras if you would like one, as well.)

If you are looking for something a little more elegant, there are also lovely engraved fuck cancer bracelets.

As we enter a rough week for my family, I ask that everyone please be conscious of their health. Keep a good healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. Obviously, cancer can hit even the healthiest person, so early detection is key--please get regular screenings and go to the doctor at the first sign of something abnormal.

Fuck you, cancer.


I wore one of mine today to the doctor's office and counseling. Jeanine liked it and thought it said everything it should!

Um, if we don't team up and set up a website to sell these to people, we are missing out on raking in some cash. www.fcancerbracelets.com is available. I'm just saying...

At Thanksgiving, I sat at a table where 4 people were either dealing with cancer or had a nuclear family member dealing with it.

I think everyone of them would totally dig these. I don't know if the investment of time/cash would be worth it, but man...I know a bunch of folks who would totally dig these!

F you, Cancer!

You rule. Fuck Cancer. It stole my Mom way too early.

I am wearing mine proudly. I have had cancer three times so I agree! Great Idea!