The Bachelorette

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I'm a bachelorette this weekend. Fuzzy's gone til Monday night at the New Orleans Improv Fest. I must say I'm not a fan of him being gone. The bed seems all big and empty, and I talk to the cats a lot more than I usually do. But I was happy with my shopping I did for my bachelorette weekend: cheddar broccoli soup, bananas, granola bars, fruit twists, grapefruit juice, butter lettuce (note that this is a type of lettuce, not butter and lettuce), blue cheese vinaigrette and potato salad. No wine or cake or chocolate! When I'm gone out of town, Fuzzy eats popcorn as a meal replacement, for me it is potato salad. I can eat that shit every meal, but my favorite is eating it for breakfast. Yum. I'm also plowing through carton after carton of Florida Natural's grapefruit juice. When Dad used to get colds, he would buy 4 cartons of it and drink them until they were gone--I was not allowed to drink it when he was sick (but I would anyway). It is so good, and I've recently decided that it is going to be my prophylactic (that's for you, Crescent) sickness remedy. If I have a glass of juice a day, it will help keep my vitamin C and immune system up. Not a bad way to do it.

This should be a good weekend, though. Tonight I am seeing Doughty and Andrew and doing some old school eating club, tomorrow, I hope to conquer the massive pile of clean laundry in my house that is becoming our new roommate, work on some choreography, lunch with a friend, and see a show in the evening. Sunday I am working on a project, and I hope to go to church. I am also cat sitting for a number of little boogers this weekend, so there's that, too.

Then next weekend, Fuzzy is a bachelor Thursday-Monday, as I will be living in Brooklyn for a few days with my girl Red. Can't wait.

October is always such a busy month! I have a number of projects going, 3 more weeks of Apes, and some travels. I hope to also do some fall cleaning, keep going to class, and do lots of couch snuggling with the Fuz and drink lots of hot cocoa.

In other news, check out today's special.


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YAY! Thanks for using my favorite word!