No sleep til Brooklyn

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What a day!

Alex and had lunch at a mozzerella bar- that's right- a mozzerella bar. It was delicious! (links to come later)

Then I spent a couple of hours at MOMA. It was amazing. So many famous works of art! I saw Starry Night! Persistance of Memory! That Matisse with all the ladies holding hands!

I then rested at a big ole Catholic church at 5th and 50th for a while, people watching.

After that I treated myself to a raw oyster sampler and a delicious Chelsea Sunset Red beer at Fuzzy's gave oyster bar in Grand Central Station.

Now I'm at a hip and funky coffee shop in Brooklyn enjoying an oatmeal cookie and soy latte, waiting for Erica to get done with her commercial shoot.

What a day!

That should say 'Fuzzy's fave' not 'Fuzzy's gave.' I can figure out how to scroll down and change it on my phone.

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I need to read your blog more often--I mean, you had a feather in your shoe! No, seriously, you've had a lot going on with the kidney stones and everything else. I wish I could help you more somehow. I didn't know you were going to NYC. I hope you're having a fabulous time! I'm so glad you got to see a cart full of kitties. That's almost as good as a parade of dogs in sweaters.
I love you!