Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It? NY Style

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Here are some pics from the weekend and stories to go along with it.

I made it in to NY at 10am into LaGuardia, and took a bus down to Grand Central Station (may I help you?). I killed some time walking down Madison and Park Avenues, and enjoyed a pretzel from a cart:


Here is the guy with the Kitty Cart I mentioned earlier:
kitty cart
If you look at the large size, you might be able to see them. There were 3 sleeping in the cart, and one on a leash on the sidewalk.

Smoked Mozz
I met up with my friend Alex that I grew up with, and he took me to a Mozzarella Bar for lunch. It was so super yummy and light!

Alex considers the Mozz.

A Sampling of Mozzerellas
Balls of Mozz

A Sampling of Meats
The Finest Meats and Cheeses

Me and Alex

I had some time to kill in the city, since Erica was out shooting a commercial and no one was at her house. Alex told me I was close to MoMA, so off I went! It was amazing. So many famous works of art that I never expected to see with my own two eyes. I was overwhelmed. My pics are kinda blurry here, but I want to share them anyways.


Persistance of Memory
Seriously? And who knew it was so small?

Yep, this one, too.

And who knew this one was so huge?

I got verKLIMT (ok, sorry about that)


My Fave! Magritte!

Picasso-Three Musicians

The Goat! I was classy here and refrained from photographing the goat's giant testicles.

Look out!

After MoMA, I hit up the amazing Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station and sat at the bar. I loved this. Fuzzy has been telling me about it for years, and it did not disappoint. I loved watching them make the chowder to order. I made friends with my server and enjoyed a sampling of 4 raw oysters (2 each) and an awesome Chelsea Sunset Red beer. DELISH. I can't say that enough. Great atmosphere. Great food. Loved it.

Eventually we all ended up in Brooklyn, me, Erica, Ariel and Erica's friend Danny. We stayed up super late hearing about Erica's shoot, drinking wine, and catching up.

Erica after her commercial

Ariel and Erica
Look how sassy and adorable Ariel is! It was awesome seeing her.

Thus ends Day 1 of my trip. More stories ahead.

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YAY balls, kitties, art and friends! Girlfriends are so important. I'm glad you had fun, but even more happy that you're back.