We all could use an Angel

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I'm totally smiling today, giddy with anticipation.

After we got the cancer diagnosis for Dad, we depended on the kindness of our family, friends and surrounding community to keep going and keep our spirits up. Little things make a huge difference: a shoulder rub, a quick note in the mail, an email just saying that someone was praying for us. All of those were blessings and our lifeline to maintain hope, Faith, and strength,

Today, I was reading my friend Diane's blog, and she linked to this website--Chemo Angels. Through this site, you get paired up with someone going through treatment, and you send them weekly cards and presents to keep them going. It's not a pen pal situation--sometimes picking up a pencil is the hardest thing to do, so they don't put that pressure on the people receiving the cards. You just send, and keep sending. I like to send my friends cards and gifts anyway, and if I can do that for someone with cancer, then all the better. So I signed up! There is a screening process since it is such a big committment, but I am excited to hear back. Really excited.

Thanks, Diane!

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Erica, I am so happy that link moved you!! I will be anxious to hear all about your experience. I am still waiting on my assignment--sometimes they are sloooow--but it will be wonderful when it arrives!