The New Faces of Urban Decay

Yesterday, me, Rebecca, Brandi, Marla, and I were spokesmodels for a major cosmetic company's (let's call them UD) new Fall/Holiday line of products. It was amazing! I've been a fan of UD for years and years--when I was in my early 20s, new to Chicago, and super broke, I would spend hours looking at all the beautiful and glittery colors that I could never afford. Now, I'm 30, better than ever, and here I am modeling the new line! Crazy!

The video is for Ulta stores as an introduction to the employees on the new products. My friends Matt and Brandi were the producers of the event, and they brought me and some other friends on to do the job. We each represented a look--I was "Dangerous," Rebecca was "Feminine" and Marla was "Fun." We brought our own clothes and shoes, and they did the rest. We had key talk points that we had to learn, that we could deliver in our own style.

The day started at 9:30am, and we arrived at the shoot location at 11:00am in Aurora. We had to start the day makeup-free. Here is me looking over my lines and drinking a wee bit of coffee so that I could feel more human.
Looking at my script and having my coffee

After that, I was sent to the primer room. UD has all sorts of amazing primers, for eyeshadow, lashes, etc, to keep your makeup in place.

Urban Decay Makeup--Fierce!
Fun UD makeup.

Aaron and Kim
Our amazing makeup artists, Aaron and Kim, both whom I adore.

Me with Primers
Primers and blush!

After that, it was time for hair, and then taking our "Before" shots.
Me and Katie
The awesome Katie makes me look fierce.

Rebecca, Marla, Brandi, Me, Charneice
Pre-Makeup Rebecca, Marla, Brandi, Me and Charneice. We met Charneice at the shoot and I instantly loved her.

Time for Make-up!
Kim and Rebecca
Kim and Rebecca

Aaron Hard at Work
Aaron and Charneice

Marla and Kim
Kim and Marla

I had the honor of having my makeup done by master makeup artist and UD's Global Retail Director, Eric J. I loved him! He is so fun and sweet and it was wonderful working with him and being one of his models.

Me and Eric in Action
Eric making me "dangerous."

Erica and Eric
Aren't we cute?

Urban Decay In Action
I love this photo.

I also received one of the best compliments I have ever received in my life from Eric. He said I looked like Linda Evangelista, at least from the eyes up! Holy crap! She's only one of the most famous and gorgeous supermodels in the whole world. A few people agreed with him--I was floored. I am still walking on clouds.

I am "Dangerous"

I loved my look!

Best Makeup Job Ever
I wish I had gotten a photo of my eyes closed. It was really beautiful.

Charneice, Me, Rebecca
Sassy Ladies

Then it was time for the shoot! We filmed the 25 minute video in one take. It went so quickly! Eric talked about all the new products, and then brought us up one at a time to talk about our looks and experience with the product. Brandi was a live "before and after" starting the video only in primers and ending the video completely made up. Aaron and Kim got her gorgeous in no time, and the poor girl had to run in heels while being super pregnant!

The New Faces of Urban Decay

We finished the day's work at about 3:00. The awesome and amazing Kim was so sweet and let us keep the blinged out accessories that we wore in the shoot. She said she picked out the bird necklace just for me because it matched my tattoos--how sweet is that?

The fabulous Kim gave me this gorgeous necklace.

After the shoot, we were all starving. To celebrate, the party car went to a place where we could be our glamorous bad selves.....Buffalo Wild Wings! I swear, they didn't know what hit them, and BWW has never looked so good...

Buffalo Wild Wings has never looked so good

I have to say, the make-up is amazing. The colors are so rich and beautiful and feel really good on. I loved everything I was wearing, and I can't wait to experiment with all the new shadows and liners that I have at home. I can tell I am developing an addiction with glitter eyeliner... that being said, they have a new customer for life! And hopefully they have a new model that they want to work with again!

It was a magical (and glittery) experience that I got to share with some of my closest friends. You can't beat that!


You look awesome! That must have been a ton of fun. Yay!

STUNNING!!! I love the hair!

OMG (I have always wanted to say that and this is the PERFECT opportunity. let me say it again- OMG- and I am squealing this and jumping up and down!) You look so beautiful!

That red hair is hot hot hot!! And your eyes look GORGEOUS!

When I think Erica Reid Gerdes... one word comes to mind... dangerous. How fun!!! And youre right... I've been using Urban Decay eye shadow primers for years. Awesome stuff...

So jealous of your schwag!