Yay Fuzzy! My hero!

Sunday morning found us up bright and early at 3:45am to get ready for the 2009 Chicago Triathlon.

Chicago Triathlon 2009
Sleepy Fuzzy.

Shaun picked us up, and the fellas headed off to set up their gear in the transition area.

Chicago Triathlon 2009

It was beautiful being down at the lake at sunrise, though it was super cold. I felt bad for the 6am Sprinters who were walking around barefooted and half naked in their wetsuits.
Chicago Triathlon 2009
Sunrise on Lake Michigan at Monroe Harbor

Fuzzy's race didn't begin til 9am, so we got familiar with the swim route, then napped in Shaun's truck til it was time for them to suit up and take off.

Chicago Triathlon 2009

I met up with my friend Jodi, and we met up with Scot and Holly to look for and cheer for Fuzzy. Scot had completed the Sprint that morning. Go Scot Go!

When Fuzzy's little face popped out of the water, it was the most amazing moment! I screamed and cried and cheered him on the rest of the way. He looked great!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
There he is!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
Swim, Fuzzy, Swim!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
Hey Babe! He saw us and waved, too!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
This is my favorite photo of the day. Look at that stroke!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
He's out of the water!

After the 1.5K swim, he set off for his 25 mile bike ride. I wasn't able to see him, but I hear the bikers on Lake Shore all looked great!

We camped out on the grass for the next couple of hours. To help cheer him on, Noah and Stephanie came out, too, just in time! When Fuzzy ran by, again, I was over the moon. He looked so good!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
Can you see him?

Chicago Triathlon 2009
Lookin' Good!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
There he goes!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
Check out this dog and this baby.

Then it was off to the finish line! After Shaun finished, he went back to find Fuzzy and run the rest of the way with him. Fuzzy had some problems with his IT band, so when he rounded the corner for the final stretch, he was hobbling pretty badly, but he still looked great!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
Shaun and Fuzzy working it.

Chicago Triathlon 2009
Almost there!

Chicago Triathlon 2009

Chicago Triathlon 2009
Look at this big winner!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
They did it!

Chicago Triathlon 2009
I love my triathlete!

Other things of note:
Fuzzy finished in 4 hours and 27 minutes.
This was the largest triathlon in the world, with 9300 participants.
I saw both Peter and Sarah from season 10 of The Amazing Race.
I got super sunburned on my nose and around my mouth.

Fuzzy wrote about his experience here!



I couldn't have done it without you, sweets.

IT WAS AMAZING!!! Fuzzy, I'm considering taking on this physical challenge next year. You're inspirational!

FUZZY IS HARD CORE!! So is Erica for getting up at 3:45a.m. If you don't frame that sunrise pick as a gorgeous reminder of the day, I will be upset!

Yay, Fuzzy!!! That is awesome!

GREAT JOB Fuzzy!! (Very belated congratulations) That is so amazing. And as someone who doesn't run well, is not a good swimmer, and is afraid to ride a bike...I am duly impressed!